A long time ago, in a land far far away

Posted on September 26, 2012


This is how I would describe the essential featres of my last blog post here.  It was over a year ago (in fact, I forgot having written it, and had persuaded myself that I had stopped after just one post), and it was while I was still in New York, being a stay-at-home-dad to our wonderful babyNyLon.  I suppose I was also a stay-at-home-husband, but that title seems to import laziness rather than usefulness.  I’m not saying it’s inaccurate, just that I’m not going to use it 😉

Actually, being a SAHD is the hardest job I have ever had.  Good preparation for going back to work in the City as a lawyer, as it turns out.  Anyway, for anyone who hasn’t been following our tweets, I’m no longer in New York, but am back in the City of London, the Square Mile as it’s known, and have been for a few months.  babyNyLon is in daycare in NYC while mommyNyLon finishes up some work before they join me over here.

So, it’s been an interesting period since I last blogged, and I thought it would be good to start again.  Good for reminding me of all the wonderful, amazing things that my girls do while I’m away and when I get to visit (because somehow they’re so easy to forget), and also good for me to get some stuff out.  I’m not bottled up or anything, but I love to tell people about the cool stuff that happens when we all get together to Skype or FaceTime every night, or when we visit.  And I don’t want to forget these things either.  I’ve never been good at keeping a diary (though for a while I was pretty good at starting them), so this seems like this might be a good new venture.  And it’ll help pass the evening from when I come home at night.  There’s only so many TV shows you can catch up with online before you get bored (and your Internet provider gets irate…).

Anyway, these are my intentions.  Let’s see if I can stick to them.

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